Alumni Engagement Summit 2019

The SFAA cordially invites Alumni from Fulbright program and other American scholarship grant schemes to historically first Alumni Summit. The Slovak Alumni Engagement Summit will be held at the Chopok Congress Hotel in Demänovská dolina on October 25 and 26. We expect a participation of more than 70 atendees. The summit will have a form of a plenary session and four panels on topical issues – Democracy, Security, Sustainable growth and Civil engagement. The event has an ambition to present topics in the form of TED Talks / storytelling, where the presenters are expected to convey their expert opinion / their story based on their own life and professional experience.

The Alumni Engagement Summit will also provide space for celebrations commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. We would like to focus on a discussion of the fundamental changes that the Slovak society has undergone over the past thirty years and on the challenges that Slovakia currently faces. Moreover, this summit also allows us to build an alumni platform and connect top Slovak experts and leaders in science and research, academy, non-profit and public sectors and commercial field. We look forward to this very much!

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