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Since 1994 the Fulbright Program in the Slovak Republic enabled over 250 Slovaks to study, teach or conduct research in the United States on Fulbright or other awards administered by the Fulbright Commission. In 2001 the Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association (SFAA) has been established to support the activities of the Commission, and to co-operate with the U.S. Embassy in the Slovak Republic on maintaining educational and cultural relationships.


“Our vision is to be a prominent and respected organization, whose members help Slovak Republic and each other in a meaningful way.“

The Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association


Our mission is to mobilize the force and potential of our Fulbright and Humphrey alumni for achieving goals that could contribute to positive changes in our society.

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The Statute (last update in 2015) defines rules and guidelines for the members and friends of SFAA.

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