Fulbright minds

SFAA prepared short documents about fifteen (15) Slovak Fulbright Alumni. They describe focus of their professional careers and their Fulbright experience in the US. Our interviewees by attending Fulbright program not only grabbed their opportunity to fulfill their scientific and scholar dreams, but also experienced and lived through culture shocks, great diversity and uncertainty.

The main objective of the project FULBRIGHT MINDS is to boost visibility of the Fulbright Fellowship and to disseminate positive effect of the Fulbright program on the broader (Slovak) society. We would also like to spread the word about the Fulbright scholarship on universities and other institutions. We also aspire to support and improve research collaboration between USA and the Slovak Republic by introducing already successful examples of research collaboration between our countries.

Last but not least, we are honored to have such Alumni in our Association. We really hope that these videos will help our Alumni to get to know each other better. And we hope to see SFAA growing in significance and presence in the public environment.

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