The Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association organized a meetup, where we wanted to discuss mainly how to bring to life Alumni in different regions of Slovakia. We can proudly say that today’s meetup was so far the most productive and fruitful in generating fresh and constructive ideas. Moreover, the SFAA was awarded a grant from the US Embassy that should help us to achieve this goal. It is, therefore, on us what way we choose, and I as a chairman of the SFAA have absolutely no doubt that we are on the right track. I could see the spark in Fulbright Alumni eyes so typical for believe in change and will to advance things forward.

We decided to shoot short documentary movies on burning/interesting topics (education, migration, natural environment or cultural differences) with the aim to highlight the name of Fulbright Alumni and Fulbright scholarship.

Lastly, the SFAA also welcomed another group of returning Alumni, who again reminded us about the endless possibilities during the Fulbright studies/research in the US. Photogallery of the event is HERE.

Here is what our Alumni talked about:

Jaroslava Chupacova

Barbora Gramblickova

Michal Hajduk

Peter Mano

Michal Novotny

Katarina D.F. Siposova

Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories!

Tomas Car, Chairman of the SFAA

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