SFAA partner to Bratislava Libraries

The Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association (SFAA) purchased tickets to libraries in Bratislava and gave it to students and people, who pursue better education, access to information sources. In this way, we hope to help them improve their chances in their academic and professional careers. SFAA was able to purchase the tickets as a part of our project Young Guns.

Specifically, we decided to initiate cooperation with:
– Mestska kniznica v Bratislave (City Library in Bratislava)
– Univerzitna kniznica v Bratislave (University Library in Bratislava)

Interestingly, head of the City Library (Mestska Kniznica) – Juraj Sebesta (first from the left in photo below), is also our Fulbright Alumnus. Juraj welcomes the idea of our partnership and gladly offers us further cooperation.

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