Young Guns

Young Guns represents an ambitious project of the Slovak Fulbright Alumni Association (SFAA) that took part in a global competition organized by the US Department of State. We are happy to announce that SFAA was one of the 48 winning teams (out of 800 submitted proposals). The project has an ambition to motivate and mentor young unemployed or unhappily employed people.

Young Guns represented a series of 10 workshops that took part every week at KC Dunaj during autumn 2015. The first workshop and gathering already showed us great interest in our series. Young people are truly interested in success stories of their role models and are eager to learn about their stories, experience and know-how.

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You could immediately tell that the Young Guns environment was full of inspiration, motivation and ideas worth spreading. Every week an interesting topic was introduced and discussed beforehand on Facebook and then with a carefully chosen speaker in person. Young Guns also received mentoring from speakers and leaders, as we tried to underline the importance of learning from others.

We are glad that speakers enjoyed sharing their (success) stories and inspire young people. The idea of giving back, inspiring others by what has worked for someone is incredibly satisfying. Maybe that is why people from Pixel Federation, Martinus, Uber, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Jemine, Teach for Slovakia and many other companies came to share stories with our Young Guns. But most of all, our idea of Young Guns also caught attention of Andrej Kiska, president of the Slovak Republic, who came to the last workshop to congratulate to alumni Young Guns and award them with a Young Guns certificate.

We believe that Young Guns was great learning and satisfying experience not only for our alumni Young Guns, but also for us organizers and speakers as well. Our alumni got really excited about our workshops, which can be documented by a website and a brochure that were created by them.

We once again want to thank all of you who supported us and who believed in our big Young Guns dream.

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